Reversible N-Bit to N-Bit Integer Haar-like Transforms

J.G. Senecal, M.A. Duchaineau, and K.I. Joy (USA)


Image Processing, FixedWidth Transforms, Wavelets, Image Compression


We introduce TLHaar, an nbit to nbit reversible trans form similar to the Stransform. TLHaar uses lookup ta bles that approximate the Stransform, but reorder the co efficients so they fit into n bits. TLHaar is suited for loss less compression in fixedwidth channels, such as digital video channels and graphics hardware frame buffers. Tests indicate that when the incoming image data has lines or hard edges TLHaar coefficients compress better than S transform coefficients. For other types of image data TL Haar coefficients compress up to 2.5% worse than those of the Stransform, depending on the data and the compres sion method used.

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