PI-casso: Mobile Virtual Reality at Office Workplaces

O. Stefani (Germany), H. Patel (UK), and F. Haselberger (Germany)


Virtual Reality, Stereo Vision


In this paper we analyse the ergonomic problems of many conventional Virtual Reality Systems. End-user tests have shown that many VR-Systems indicate weak points regarding the posture and projection properties. We describe the features and technical specifications of the newly developed system. For the development we have taken the directives and guidelines from the area of office work with visual displays into account. PI-casso was demonstrated at the HCI 2003, where delegates of the Human Factors and Ergonomics community could use our system. We present the results from a usability questionnaire. We propose the concept of PI-casso, which extends the classic desktop workplace by a compact and mobile Virtual Reality system to be used at office workplaces.

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