The Design and Development of Interactive Multimedia in Educational Software with Simulation Games

J. Kofrnek, P. Maruna, M. Andrlk, P. Stodulka, T. Kripner, Z. Wnsch, P. Marlek, D. Smutek, and . Sva


Computer aided learning, human-computer interaction,interdisciplinary design, multimedia, simulation,


The authors present their methodology of designing interactive multimedia in biomedical educational software with simulation games. Simulation models, created using the simulation development tool - Simulink by MathWorks, are decomposed to interconnected simulation chips suitable for interdisciplinary cooperation between physiologists and programmers during design-time. Interactive graphical components utilize the animation software tool Flash by Macromedia. The interconnecting layer between the user interface and simulation models is implemented as statecharts using Stateflow by MathWorks. All this is integrated by the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The use of clever intercommunicating tools and the keeping to industry standards can further promote the authors' creativity and productivity.

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