Detail-preserving Resampling for Parallel Volume Rendering Large Unstructured Data on Earth Simulator

L. Chen, I. Fujishiro, and K. Nakajima (Japan)


Distributed visualization, parallel volume rendering, unstructured grids, voxel-based rendering, Earth Simulator, and performance optimization.


A new parallel volume rendering method for large unstructured data has been developed for the Earth Simulator. Concurrent visualization can be performed with numerical computation modules on the supercomputer. The supervoxel partition and voxel resampling techniques were adopted to get high parallel performance for extremely large complicated unstructured datasets. In order to reduce the number of voxels and keep enough precision in the resampling method, a detail preserving voxel resampling method is presented in which some original unstructured grid elements are added into important voxels. Four kinds of details are defined in the method, including volume, interval, boundary and isosurface details. The implementation and optimization strategies for the Earth Simulator are described according to its hardware architecture. The experimental results show the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method.

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