Practical 3-D Image Measurement System using Monochrome-Projection Color-Analysis Technique

C. Lu, G. Cho, and J. Zhao (Japan)


3-D measurement, Pattern projection, Color image analysis, Optimal combination, Intensity modulation, and Stereo vision.


A new pattern projection technique for measuring 3D topography is presented, in order to shorten the measurement time and to improve measurement accuracy. The Monochrome-Projection Color-Analysis (MPCA) technique is proposed to measure an object with a complicated surface color distribution. An optimal color channel is chosen and a single channel image for intensity calculation is compounded so that the greatest amount of information from an observation pattern image is used. Moreover, in order to measure a greater number of stripes in a single projection, Optimal Intensity-Modulation Projection (OIMP) technology is adopted. By using of combination of MPCA and OIMP, about 100 stripes are reliably detectable in a single optimal pattern projection and double image capture.

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