Colour Management in Telemedicine

X.W. Gao (UK)


colour, telemedicine, colour image, colour vision


: To provide health care and medical practice remotely over the network, colour plays a very important part in producing reality situations. However, most currently telemedicine care systems do not provide accurate colour information that sometimes is key information in making diagnosis. This paper reviews the necessary procedures to achieve colour fidelity for telemedicine and deals with colour transmission from one monitor to another, part of the problems on colour reproduction in telemedicine. It presents the evaluation results on Spyder with OptiCAL colour management system from PANTONE ColorVision Inc. Two LCD monitors are applied. One is with 15" monitor running Windows 98 operating system, the other with 17" monitor runing Windows XP system. Initial measurement and visual matching results show that both measurement and visual matching results are different for the primary colours including red, green, blue, white and black across two monitors. Some recommendations are given in order to improve the visual matching of colours across the monitors.

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