An Efficient Method for Object Representation and Matching

H.-J. Lin, Y.-T. Kao, and F.-W. Yang (Taiwan)


shape-based image retrieval, shape representation, matching, transformation invariance, MCS, MCSIP, BMCSIP.


This paper presents an efficient and robust shape-based image retrieval system. The Mountain Climbing Sequence (MCS) [17] is used to represent the shape feature. This representation is invariant to translation, rotation, and scaling, and highly tolerate to occlusion and nosing. By taking into account the number of intersection points of each ray emanating from the centroid of the object with the object contour our method can effectively distinguish concavo-convex objects with different shapes. A branch and-bound mechanism is applied to speed up the matching step. The results of our proposed method show a superior matching rate, even in the presence of a modest level of deformation or occlusion.

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