Fast Image Rotation using Hybrid Interpolations

C. Lee and W. Ahn (Korea)


fast image rotation, hybrid interpolation, bilinear interpolation, cubic spline interpolation, prediction.


In this paper, we propose a fast image rotation method that uses more than one interpolation algorithm. To rotate images, interpolation algorithms are required. Generally, a simple interpolation algorithm is fast but provides limited performance while a complex interpolation algorithm requires a long processing time but provides a much better performance. However, it is observed that the differences are negligible for most pixels with major differences occurring around edges. Thus, we first apply a test in order to determine which interpolation is most appropriate for a given pixel in terms of complexity and performance. Then, a simple interpolation algorithm is used for pixels for which the simple interpolation algorithm provides acceptable performances and a complex interpolation algorithm is used for pixels for which the complex interpolation algorithm significantly outperforms the simple interpolation algorithm. Experiments show significant reduction in processing time is possible with negligible image impairments.

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