An Efficient Off-Line Electronic Cash System with Revocable Anonymity

K.-Z. Chiou, W.-S. Chen, and S.-M. Yen (Taiwan)


Anonymity, Anonymity revocation, Electronic cash, Fair payment, Tracing.


Numerous anonymity revocation mechanisms have been proposed for off-line e-cash system in the last decade. Within this category of payment systems, two primary considerations are double-spending detection and tracing capability. However, most designs and ex isting solutions for these two basic requirements are inefficient or impractical. In this paper, an efficient e-cash with anonymity revocation is proposed by ex ploiting both a developed new blind signature scheme and a batch processing of e-cash withdrawal operation. Analysis shows that the proposed new e-cash system is both secure and efficient. Furthermore, the system provides double-spending detection as well as tracing capability as existing alternative solutions.

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