Web-based Micro Machining Service

D.-S. Kim, C.-S. Jun, W.-S. Chu, C.K. Song, and S.-H. Ahn (Korea)


Micro Machining, Web-based, CAD, STL (Stereo Lithography)


Presented in this paper is a MIcro Machining Service (MIMS) based on the World Wide Web (WWW) technologies. Taking advantage of the bi-directional communications of WWW, the fabrication process of micro machining can be expedited and becomes more viable for students or researchers. In order to ensure an easy access to the service, web browsers are used as the user interface of MIMS. A three dimensional geometry generated from a commercial CAD system is uploaded as an STL (Stereo Lithography) file, and the process parameters for three-axis CNC micro milling are to be selected via the user interface. The communication architecture is based on the three-tier client-server model. Depending on the user's knowledge on micro machining, novice or expert, controllable input parameters are differentiated, but at any case an STL-based process planner automatically provides NC codes. To achieve high precision, scanning toolpath and pencil-cut toolpath are created by a curve-based polyhedral machining method. The hardware system for micro machining was established, and a couple of sample parts were fabricated by micro endmills. The parts fabricated by scanning toolpath followed by pencil-cut toolpath resulted in less form error (within 1.5%) than the parts fabricated only by scanning toolpath. This service is available at http://fab.snu.ac.kr/cam.

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