Mobile Systems in Tourism: Existing Solutions and Design of an Ubiquitous Platform

F. Lehner, H. Nsekabel, and M. Seibold (Germany)


Mobile Computing, Tourism, U-Commerce


: The Internet plays a vital role in the tourism industry. But even though consumer rely on various web services for planning and booking their vacations, those are just the first steps of a trip which can be segmented into three different but interconnected phases: planning, touring and reminiscing. A single point of access that transparently supports all the stages of a trip has not been developed yet. Consequently, after surveying existing tourist applications, the concept for a ubiquitous tourism platform is developed and presented in this paper. Being based on open source technologies, the concept enables the implementation of flexible and cost efficient systems while providing standards for the tourism-related informa tion exchange that will increase the users benefit, both the tourist and the information provider's.

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