A Novel Image Compression Scheme based on VQ and Data Embedding

S.D. Lin, S.-C. Shie, M.-H. Yao, and C.-C. Hsieh (Taiwan)


Compression, data embedding, vector quantization, codebook.


A novel compression scheme for images that takes advantages of the basic concept of vector quantization and the new idea of data embedding is introduced in this article. In the proposed scheme, a VQ codebook is first generated based on the well-known LBG algorithm, adaptively taking those images that have to be compressed as training set at the encoder end. After the codebook is generated, these images are encoded into a set of codeword indexes by vector quantization. In order to compact the volume of the overall data that has to be transmitted to decoder, the codeword indexes of images are adaptively embedded into the codewords of codebook. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme achieves a higher compression ratio than the ordinary adaptive VQ scheme while the degradation of image quality for decompressed images at receiver is relatively small. Experimental data also demonstrates that the proposed scheme is suitable for compressing a set of images or a high-resolution image.

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