Quality of Service Investigation for Multimedia Transmission over Wireless Local Area Networks

N.A. El-Fishawy (Egypt)


WLAN, 802.11 MAC protocol, simulation,Pareto distribution, QeS parameters, multimedia1-


The following paper is restricted on investigating the capability of the medium access control (MAC) protocol for wireless local area network (WLAN) to transmit burst and sensitive time traffic. The burst traffic is represented in a realistic model which is more suitable for Internet traffic applied over WLAN. Two models are considered, the first is an ad-hoc network intended for data transmission, and the second is an infrastructure network with multimedia transmission between the terminals considering the suitable protocol for each model. The quality of service of the multimedia transmission is determined in terms of loss probability, average delay, throughput and the number of stations the network can support. New factors arise on simulating the multimedia transmission over the WLAN MAC protocol which are inspected and defined.

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