Teletraffic Requirements and System Aspects for Future Mobile Communications

Y. Koucheryavy, D. Moltchanov (Finland), G. Giambene (Italy), and J. Harju (Finland)


4G All-IP, QoS, teletraffic, mobility


The target of Next Generation Network (NGN) is to pro vide Quality of Service (QoS) assurance for demands emerged from different applications of nomadic users with any mobility pattern. The intention of this paper is to bring together the state-of-the-art knowledge in telecommunica tion networks design areas to improve the quality of NGN system design, and also to bind these different areas in or der to understand and foresee specific issues. Proper sys tem design and advanced optimized resource management schemes must be adopted to allow each user be connected to the preferred access network at any instant of time. Verti cal optimization of the protocol stack as well as horizontal integration of different systems are the mandatory points. Moreover, the adoption of the IP protocol for mobile envi ronment and extension of packet-based services to the air interface calls for innovative QoS approaches and advanced performance modelling efforts. These new challenges re quire the development of new methods of teletraffic theory and the special attention should be paid to traffic and wire less link modelling techniques.

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