Virtual Surround System using Ac-3

M.-H. Park, D.-G. Jee, H.-J. Kim, B.-S. Yoon, and S.-I. Choi (Korea)


Multimedia communication, 3D sound,Virtual Sound, DSP implementation


Many researches have been developed in the field of virtual surround sound processing algorithm and gradually applied to multimedia device providing game, multi-media content, and virtual reality. To achieve virtual surround sound effect, many applications adopt head-related transfer functions (HRTFs), well known for excellent sound localization effect. This paper describes a real-time implementation of 3D sound system with the use of embedded DSP. We develop a headphone-based 3D sound algorithm by applying source localization method using HRTF. The real-time implementation is achieved using TI C67xx DSP chip. We describe hardware designs. As a result of a DSP implementation and a subjective listening test, this 3D sound system can be applied to mobile application.

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