Integration of 'Message Ordering' and 'Flow of Real-time': A Specification Framework for Multimedia Data Presentation

K. Ravindran and A. Sabbir (USA)


Inter-media synchronization, delay-controllable networks,transport-oriented specification, `quality of service' mapping, presentation skews.


The multimedia synchronization problem has two aspects: i) Framing of media data into real-time intervals that con stitute distinctly perceivable `data points' in the applica tion, and ii) Temporal presentation control that orders var ious `data points' over real-time as required by the appli cation. In our solution approach, temporal presentation in volves the play-out of the media data units belonging to a given time interval, in accordance with the dependency relationship among `state changes' induced by data units and their timeliness requirements. An important feature of our model is the integration of timeliness constraints into a causal ordering of media data units that flow across ap plication entities to induce `state changes' in them. An application-specific enforcement of presentation control, using causal ordering, allows flexibility in generating play out schedules of data and optimizes the usage of system resources to application needs.

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