Rate-distortion Optimized Rate Allocation Scheme for MC-EZBC based Video Streaming

J. Tao, H. Wang, J. Zhang, Z. Jiang, and X. Zhang (PRC)


Multimedia Networking, Video Streaming, MC-EZBC, Rate-Distortion


This paper address the problem of streaming the 3D-Wavelet video coding data, MC-EZBC[1], over a lossy packet network in a video streaming system. The scalable video coding MC-EZBC can generate continuous encoded layers from the MSB to the LSB. The video system uses the proxies to control the rate of the MC-EZBC video stream to meet the constraint of the average network transmission rate. This paper optimizes the original MC-EZBC rate allocation scheme by considering the Rate-Distortion function. The experiments show that, compared with the original scheme, the optimized allocation scheme not only makes the quality of the decoded video much smoother, but also increase the average PSNR of MC-EZBC coding by 0.2-0.4dB.

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