A Mechanism for Improving Streaming Throughput on the NGIS System

O. Min, H. Kim, and T. Kwon (Korea)


VOD Server, QoS, NGIS System, Throughput


The NGIS (Next Generation Internet Server) system is a special-purpose server developed by ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute) which is designed for efficient streaming server over high speed networks. The server has four 1-Gbps network cards and each of those network cards has a disk which stores multimedia contents and can be accessed only through the specific network card. In this paper, we focused on controlling the number of streaming related threads and processes in order to improve the throughput of the NGIS system. The mechanism we developed in this paper is mainly based on the way for reducing the thread or process context switching overhead. The result of performance evaluation shows that the streaming throughput of the NGIS system is significantly improved by using lesser number of pumping threads (or processes).

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