Searching and Streaming Images in Monitoring Camera System using Network

T. Furuya, Y. Hagiwara, T. Sakurada, T. Saito, and H. Segawa (Japan)


IP network camera, Monitoring system, Streaming images for cellular phone, Searching image, spatio-temporal image


We propose a new monitoring camera system utilizing the network. This system is intended to maintain low costs, monitor various places, store clear images, conduct simultaneous searches from different locations, quickly extract specific images from multiple files, and provide real-time warnings of abnormal situations to administrators at remote locations. Since this system utilizes general-purpose PCs, web cameras, cellular phones, and existing networks, it does not require costs for a systems configuration. System extension and partial repair are easy. In conventional camera monitoring systems, when abnormalities occur, it is necessary to conduct a time-consuming search for the image from all images recorded on videotape. Here, a simple technique is proposed to display the situation of the monitored location without using expensive devices, such as motion detectors. In the case of an unauthorized entry into a building, the administrator is notified via movie mode on their cellular phone. Thus, it is possible for the administrator to check a movie of the trespass at any time.

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