Enabling High Performance Media Streaming Server on Network Storage Card

Y.-J. Lee, O.-G. Min, S.-J. Mun, and H.-Y. Kim (Korea)


Media Streaming Server, RTSP/RTP, Network Storage Card


Recently there have been a large number of multimedia demands of web-based applications in tremendous Internet world. However, Internet-based multimedia services typically do not offer any quality of service because of its own characteristics such as network bandwidth. In the case of Korea, assumption that dense residential communities sharing their livings and information have their infrastructures like high speed communication network is able to achieve quality of service at a close range. This trend creates new market by creating new type of service in Korean-style Internet server. In this paper, we design and implement the high performance media streaming server focusing on local communities which obtain high speed network bandwidth, using streaming-accelerated network storage card which is enable to offer "zero-copy" interfaces and raw-disk I/O.

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