Resource Concurrency Effects WITHIN a Bandwidth Restricted Shared Medium

M. Zaddach and N.A. Kraemer (Germany)


Multimedia Information Systems, Resource Management, Concurrency Effects, Network Congestion


: In contrast to carrier networks and the transmission services associated with, the performance of data transfer within wireless networks suffers from the resource restrictions significantly. These are, especially, restrictions concerning the bandwidth, with strong implications onto the transmission delay. This paper presents a performance study comprising the congestion effects induced by concurring traffic streams. Therefore, the influence of isochronous UDP traffic with real-time constraints onto elastic and congestion-sensitive TCP based traffic is studied, with respect to the role of the real time traffic's burstiness. Furthermore, the possibilities and limitations of an approach to shape the real-time traffic by means of a token bucket traffic shaper is evaluated and the trade-off between the throughput of the TCP stream and the delay boundaries of the real-time traffic are presented. In order to provide precisely scalable UDP based traffic loads artificial models for video load generation are used and validated successfully.

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