SOP: A Socket Interface for TOEs

S. Son, J. Kim, E. Lim, and S. Jung (Korea)


Multimedia server, TCP offload, operating system


In this paper, we propose a socket interface layer, called Socket over PCI (SOP), for large-scale multimedia servers that adopt TCP/IP Offload Engines (TOE). The SOP is a full functional kernel-level socket layer implemented on the Linux operating system. In order to provide legacy network applications with binary level compatibility, the SOP layer intercepts all socket-related system calls to forward to either TOE cards or legacy network protocol stack. The SOP layer provides multimedia servers and web servers with the following features: (1) All standard socket APIs and file I/O APIs that are supported (2) Support for binary level compatibility of existing socket programs (3) Support for TOE cards and legacy Ethernet NICs at the same time. The SOP layer is designed and implemented as a kernel module in Linux. The layer is located between BSD socket layer and INET socket layer, and passes the application's socket requests to INET socket layer or TOE cards.

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