Media Uploading Systems with Hard Deadlines

M. Zhang, J. Wong, W. Tavanapong, J.H. Oh, and P. de Groen (USA)


Upload, Performance Modeling, Hard Real-time Systems


This paper introduces a new uploading system that auto matically uploads multimedia files to a centralized server given client hard deadlines. Unlike systems supporting downloading applications such as video streaming and file sharing, systems that support uploading applications have received relatively little attention in the past decade. While not popularly studied, uploading systems with hard deadlines have several important applications in practice. For instance, such systems can be used in hospitals to gather videos generated from medical devices from various operating rooms for post-procedure analysis and in law enforcement to collect video recordings from police cars during routine patrolling. In this paper, we study an uploading system with hard deadlines in detail. We define a suitable performance measure for the system and eval uate the system performance via analysis and simulations.

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