IPPM Measurements of the German Research Network G-WiN and Their Application to Videoconferencing Services

S. Naegele-Jackson, H. Kerscher, R. Kleineisel, and P. Holleczek (Germany)


IPPM measurements, H.323, videoconferencing, delay, jitter


The Quality of Service of the German Research Network G-WiN is continuously monitored nationwide with GPS based measurement stations at all core network nodes. The active measurements provide one-way delay (OWD), one-way delay variation (OWDV) and loss ratios according to RFC-2330. The study describes the G-WiN measurement process and compares it to round-trip end to-end delay measurements of a H.323 videoconferencing application across the G-WiN obtained with a two channel oscilloscope. The encountered delay and jitter statistics are also reproduced in a laboratory environment to demonstrate typical levels of network impairments across the Internet and their effect on video quality for H.323-based videoconferencing services.

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