Mosaic-based Video Object Segmentation

L.-H. Chen, Y.-C. Lai, C.-W. Su, and H.-Y. Liao (Taiwan)


: Video sequence analysis, object segmenta tion, motion detection, spatial segmentation, object based coding.


: Object segmentation is a problem within the scope of MPEG-4 standardization activities. In this pape, we develop a novel software tool to extract the moving objects in the video sequences. Our ap proach is based on the integration of mosaic-based tem poral segmentation and color-based spatial segmenta tion. The mosaic representation of video allows us to fully exploit the spatio-temporal information in the video scene to achieve robust segmentation. Compared with the related works which detect motion by the dif ference of two consecutive frames, our approach uses the information aggregated over a group of frames. Thus, our system is more robust and is able to extract the non-rigid object that has complex motion from one frame to the next.

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