Internet based Multimodal Collaboration through Context-aware Information Dissemination

H. Kammanahalli, S. Gopalan, V. Sridhar, and K. Ramamritham (India)


Context, Context-Aware Retrieval, Context Aggregation, Information Dissemination, Collaboration, Knowledge Management.


Improvements in communication technologies and access to information have enabled collaboration and co-ordination among teams distributed geographically. Better coordination and cooperation during collaboration could be achieved by dissemination of relevant information that assists the collaborating activity. In this paper we extend CART, a context aware system that retrieves and delivers, through the web, information of high utility to collaborating team members to aid in their activities so as to achieve better co-ordination. The system analyzes users' history to derive an enhanced "context" that indicates why a user needs the information and what format of information is most useful for the user. The system uses the users' history to predict and pre-fetch information for a future context, thereby enabling real-time assistance during collaboration. Information relevant to context is retrieved and presented in the most suitable format to the user. Effective collaboration and co-ordination of activities is achieved thru dissemination of information relevant to the user's context. A prototype of CART currently assists the co-ordination among the authors involved in a web-based collaboration, by retrieving information relevant to the context of collaboration, in real-time, and presenting the information relevant to the current situation to achieve better co-ordination among the collaborators.

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