Internet based Multimodal Collaboration through Context-aware Information Dissemination

H. Kammanahalli, S. Gopalan, V. Sridhar, and K. Ramamritham (India)


Context, ContextAware Retrieval, Context Aggregation, Information Dissemination, Collaboration, Knowledge Management.


Improvements in communication technologies and access to information have enabled collaboration and co-ordination among teams distributed geographically. Better coordination and cooperation during collaboration could be achieved by dissemination of relevant information that assists the collaborating activity. In this paper we extend CART, a context aware system that retrieves and delivers, through the web, information of high utility to collaborating team members to aid in their activities so as to achieve better co-ordination. The system analyzes users' history to derive an enhanced "context" that indicates why a user needs the information and what format of information is most useful for the user. The system uses the users' history to predict and pre-fetch information for a future context, thereby enabling real-time assistance during collaboration. Information relevant to context is retrieved and presented in the most suitable format to the user. Effective collaboration and co-ordination of activities is achieved thru dissemination of information relevant to the user's context. A prototype of CART currently assists the co-ordination among the authors involved in a web-based collaboration, by retrieving information relevant to the context of collaboration, in real-time, and presenting the information relevant to the current situation to achieve better co-ordination among the collaborators.

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