Multipoint Remote Focus Sharing Tool: FocusShare

N. Osawa (Japan)


IPv6, multicast, scalability, focus+context, multipoint conference


We have developed a multipoint, multimedia conference tool, called FocusShare. It enables users to employ various focus sharing techniques for smooth and effective distance education and conferences. To share focus points remotely, the tool supports linear zooming, focus+context display, and sharing of multiple pointers. Non-linear zooming and composition of different-quality videos are implemented as focus+context display. FocusShare is a scalable tool because it utilizes IPv6/IPv4 multicasting for group communication. This approach is efficient for multipoint conferences, especially on satellite networks or LANs. FocusShare has a modular design and the flexibility to extend its functionality. It allows users to have various conference configurations easily. It can utilize various codecs and input devices. It is thus adaptable to various computing environments and to various purposes.

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