Learning Object Evaluation and Convergent Participation: Tools for Professional Development in E-Learning

J.C. Nesbit, T.L. Leacock, C. Xin, and G. Richards (Canada)


resources, review, collaboration, eLera, LORI, reliability


In this study on collaborative evaluation of learning objects for professional development, 35 e-learning professionals, teachers and graduate students reviewed the quality of five learning objects using the Learning Object Review Instrument (LORI) provided by an evaluation website (www.elera.net). Reviewers individually evaluated objects and then met by teleconference or face to-face to generate an integrated review. Preliminary analysis of ratings found a consistent pattern of convergence of evaluations during the collaborative session, and a sufficient level of reliability for seven of the nine LORI items when the ratings from eight reviewers were averaged. After completing the collaborative process a significant majority of participants believed that evaluation requires input from reviewers with different expertise and experience, that the tools should provide for both comments and numerical ratings, that the structure of LORI is appropriate, and that they would like to use it in their work. Almost all participants reported that collaborative evaluation with LORI is an effective professional development activity that increased their understanding of learning object quality.

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