Game-like Web-Laboratory

H.-D. Wuttke and K. Henke (Germany)


Innovative Teaching and Learning Technologies for Web, Internet based Educational and Training Systems, Web based Laboratories, Virtual Collaborative Learning


In this paper we discuss ideas of virtual collaborative learning scenarios in a remote lab environment. For our web-based laboratory we have worked out a collection of design tasks that can be solved by groups of students. At first we describe the client server based architecture of the remote lab. In this lab students can design digital control algorithms to control different mechanical models. To control these models an abstract description in the form of finite state machines has to be realized by the students. The special kind of tasks that we describe in the second part of the paper forces the students to cooperate in finding a solution. Some of the tasks are created like a game where a correct solution leads to a number of scores and a winner can be appointed. In the third part we discuss an example of such a task and one possible solution.

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