A Novel Technique for Indication of Power Frequency Deviation

V. Agarwal, M. Shukla, and D. Seshachalam (India)


Model Development, Power System, multiplier, frequency deviation


A novel technique, known as Multiplier-Filter technique, is proposed for frequency deviation measurement in power system. It is based on multiplication of input sine signal and reference cosine signal and then filtering out the higher order component. The low order component is converted into a square wave and modulated with a high frequency pulse train. The number of pulses corresponding to the on time of this wave is counted by a timer and calibrated in terms of difference of two frequencies. It is first simulated using a very convenient and to used software package PSPICE and then implemented on a microprocessor based system. The simulated results are found in close agreement to the experimental results. The technique is not sensitive to harmonic noise because of its ability to filter out all the higher order components. With modest averaging the approach is also relatively insensitive to offsets and random noise.

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