Object Position Detection Strategy, Analysis, Control with Direct Digital Controller

S.D. Chede, D.G. Wakde, and M.N. Tibdewal (India)


Model Development, Process control, Direct Digital control (DDC), Proportion lag, System modeling, Data Acquisition.


: In today's competitive atmosphere with respect to product quality, cost, implementation of new technological strategies, cost and economic pressures for the operation involved in any industrial process etc. every industry is on the feet to improve the performance. Automation of various processes has taken remarkable place for improving industrial product quality. This paper deals with simple and versatile technique to detect an object position through software and hardware for pick and place operation, which is basically used in material handling. Various sensors such as photosensitive, resistive, inductive, capacitive etc. can be utilized to detect an object position. Here, exact detection of an object position is automated through single infrared sensor with slotted disc and C programming under Direct Digital Control approach.

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