A Dynamic Model of Mutual Inductance for the Compensation of Current Control Utilizing the Optimum Searching Strategy for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives

W.-N. Huang, C.-C. Teng, C.-H. Fang, and C.-H. Chen (Taiwan)


Mutual inductance and switched reluctance motor (SRM).


A methodology to design the dynamic model taking the mutual inductance into account for the switched reluctance motor (SRM) drives is proposed in this paper. The overall consideration is focus on the current control compensation strategy that related to the practically existing unmodeled parameter, the mutual inductance, to improve the drives performance. A mutual inductance related expression is discussed and then an optimum searching method, chosen for ease-of-applying, is utilized for solving the key parameter owning on-line computational procedures potentials. By the presented model based on the motor characteristics analytical opinion, the relationship between the compensation current command and the neglected effect of the drives output can be established. The effectiveness of this model is demonstrated by the comparison with/without the dynamic model being involved.

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