A Simplfied Approach for Load-Flow Solution of Radial Distribution System

K. Prasad, A. Chaturvedi, R. Ranjan, and N.C. Sahoo (Malaysia)


Radial distribution systems, Load Flow, Composite load Model. Nomenclature NB: Total number of nodes (i = 1,2, NB) LN : Total number of branches (LN =NB1) PLi: Real power load at ith n


An efficient computational algorithm plays an important role in distribution automation system (DAS). DAS addresses to various problems such as fault isolation, network reconfiguration and service restoration etc. In this paper, a simple and computationally efficient algorithm is presented to solve Radial Distribution Systems (RDS). The proposed algorithm is simple, computationally fast and based on a unique approach for the computation of line current. To make the paper self explanatory, pseudo codes and flowchart of the algorithm are included. The proposed algorithm is tested on various practical RDS and results of two different distribution systems are reported.

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