Mathematical Model Development and FEM Analysis of a Plastic Rotary Knife Manufactured by a Novel Design Cutter

S.-L. Chang and H.-C. Tseng (Taiwan)


Plastic rotary knife, undercutting, hob cutter, FEM


Plastic rotary knifes are important tools frequently used to manufacture plastic compound in the petroleum industry. These high cost cutters are manufactured through complex processes including milling and several grinding processes, all of which require specialized, and therefore, expensive manufacturing tools. In this paper, a novel straight-sided hob cutter for manufacturing plastic rotary knifes was proposed. Different level of undercutting was applied to generate simultaneously the cutting angles and the main body of the plastic rotary knife, and the chip flute, in a single hobbing process. It therefore significantly reduced the manufacturing cost of plastic rotary knifes. The cutting angles, and the width of the top land of the resultant plastic rotary knife were then mathematically analysed and the finite element method was used to study the stress distribution within the knife. The results and concepts proposed in the paper can be used as design guidance for tool designers. They will also be beneficial in assisting tool-related industries in upgrading their technology in the manufacturing technique of plastic rotary knifes, and therefore enhancing the competitiveness of the industries.

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