An Integrated Geospatial Data Acquisition System for Reconstructing 3D Environments

H.R. Singamsetty and S.K. Lodha (USA)


: data acquisition, 3D reconstruction, sen sors, visualization, geospatial environments.


The objective of this paper is to describe an Integrated Geospatial Data Acquisition system that can be used to capture the geometry and texture information for a com prehensive 3D model generation of urban environments. The data acquisition system consists of a Global Position ing System (GPS), two ground based LiDARs (Light De tection And Ranging System), a Stereo Camera, and iner tial sensors like Gyro and Electronic Compass mounted on a portable and adjustable platform. The data acquisition phase involves mounting equipments, establishing connec tions between the sensors and a processing unit, running the integrated software to collect and store the data simul taneously from all sensors and verifying the correctness of the data. The data is collected by running each sensor us ing a different thread in the software. The threads are syn chronized using a critical section in order to prevent differ ent sensors writing the data into memory at the same time. Collected data is visualized and verified to ensure that the data is usable. We tested our data acquisition system by collecting the data in many different areas including undu lating walkways in the College8 region of UCSC campus and downtown area of Santa Cruz city. The acquired data is being used for reconstructing 3D models of the environ ments.

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