Development of an Easy Dance Teaching System using Active Devices

S. Tabata, A. Nakamura, and Y. Kuno (Japan)


Dance training, Digital archive of traditional dance, Active device, Motion capture


This paper deals with development of body-worn active devices for teaching dance motion. We have been working on a basic dance training system. The system targets on the beginners and enables them to learn basics of traditional dances easily. So far, images are mainly used to tell a learner dance information. We introduced a mobile robot into our system. The student could observe not only a fixed screen in front of them but also the display mounted on a mobile robot that moved according to the dance steps. Although displaying images with the robot is effective, it is ideal to transmit dance data to the student more intuitively. Hence the active devices are developed. In the proposed system, local motion data in the next moment are transmitted to the body-worn active devices that are equipped around the joints of the student body. In addition, the differences between data of dance masters and the learner data are analyzed and they are also transmitted to the devices. They tell the student the information with vibration. By using the active devices, students can feel dance instructions physically and learn the dance easily.

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