Presenting JECA: A Java Error Correcting Algorithm for the Java Intelligent Tutoring System

E.R. Sykes and F. Franek (Canada)


Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Computational Intelligence, Web Technologies, e-Learning.


Error recovery in compiler design and construction is a well-known area of Computer Science. Traditionally, the compiler's responsibility has been to identify all possible errors in one pass of the source code in as short a period of real time as possible. However, in certain situations, it is more desirable to have the compiler act `intelligently' by making `intelligent' code changes and by offering suggestions to the author of the source program. This research paper examines error recovery in a specific context involving small Java programs. Furthermore, this paper presents JECA (Java Error Correction Algorithm), a practical algorithm for a compiler that error corrects by intelligently changing code and identifies errors more clearly than other current-day compilers. The ultimate goal of this research is to provide a foundation for the Java Intelligent Tutoring System (JITS) currently being field-tested.

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