Efficient Routing Algorithm on OTIS-Star Network

J.A. Al-Sadi (Jordan), A.M. Awwad, and B.F. AlBdaiwi (Kuwait)


Parallel and distributed systems; Star network; OTIS-Networks; Topological properties; Routing; Broadcasting.


This paper proposes a new interconnection network referred to as the OTIS-Star which is constructed from multiplying a factor network star Sn by it self. In this paper we utilize the features of OTIS networks which use both of electronic and optical networks. Although the star graph has been an important research issue for long time it suffers from many problems mainly its limited efficiency in routing and broadcasting. The OTIS-Star presents a solution for the problems which star networks suffer from. In this paper we conduct a general study on the topological properties for the OTIS-Star by obtaining the main topological properties including size, degree, diameter and number of links, then we propose an efficient routing and broadcasting algorithms.

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