A Dominating Set based Method for Managing Location Information in Mobile Cellular Networks

H.M.F. AboElFotoh and A.M. Al-Tabtabaie (Kuwait)


Mobile Cellular networks, Network design, Location management, Dominating set, Graph-theoretic algorithms.


One important issue in mobile cellular networks design is locating the subscribers who are moving with their wireless units from one cell to another. The location management involves two processes: find the current cell of a mobile node, and, update location information of a mobile node. In this paper we present two new methods for location management based on replication of location information in a dominating set and in a hierarchical dominating set. Using simulation models we compare the performance of the new methods to other methods proposed in the literature, namely, fully distributed replication and the hierarchical method. Results indicate that the hierarchical dominating set scheme had the best results in terms of the total cost (total number of find and update messages) followed by the hierarchical scheme, the dominating set scheme respectively. The results show also that the dominating set and fully distributed have less find cost followed by hierarchical dominating set scheme then the hierarchical scheme. Our hierarchical dominating set scheme had the least update cost followed by the hierarchical scheme then the dominating set scheme respectively.

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