Improving Fairness Over 802.11 Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks

B.K. Chan and S. Chan (PRC)


Computer Networks and Communications, ad hoc network, multi-hop, wireless network


As pervasive computing becomes prevalent in the society, many devices with built-in support for IEEE 802.11 are emerging. Other than wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11 is also used in wireless ad hoc networks. However, there are sev eral special properties of ad hoc networks, such as quick topology change, shared medium and high error rate, that cause TCP not working well on top of IEEE 802.11. Re cent studies have revealed a number of problems that TCP encounters in ad hoc networks, especially in multi-hop ad hoc networks. In this paper, a credit counter algorithm is proposed to solve one of the problems - fairness. The credit counter algorithm can help the nodes fairly share the medium without a high overhead.

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