Retina Images Processing using Genetic Algorithm and Maximum Likelihood Method

V. Bevilacqua, G. Mastronardi, A. Colaninno, and A. D'Addabbo (Italy)


genetic algorithm, expectation maximisation algorithm, handling constraints, retina's images.


In this work we examine the applicability of an evolutionary algorithm combined with a maximum likelihood method to assist a physician in performing a diagnosis of some retina's pathologies. The main objective of this work is to automatically implement the process of matching different images of the same retina to study the evolution of some pathologies. In particular, we combined a previous handling constraints genetic algorithm to localise and recognise digits in a licence plate [1] with a new technique to optimise the process of overlapping different images acquired at different time, considering that the images differ from each other due to different acquisitions, different illuminations, and to different step of pathology.

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