Application-Driven Dynamic Wireless Network Power Management

Y. Jiao and A.R. Hurson (USA)


IEEE802.11b, dynamic power management, wireless LAN


In this paper, we present an application-driven dynamic power management (ADDPM) scheme with online learning capability. We also discuss the energy-aware application design issues associated with the ADDPM. In order to evaluate the proposed power management strategy, we augmented the network simulator NS2 to support 802.11b power saving mode. In addition, we implemented an ab stract application agent that can simulate general re quest/response type applications. We believe that this NS2 extension can significantly shorten the design and test cy cles of future power management schemes. Our experimen tal results show that ADDPM can well balance the en ergy/performance tradeoff. It reduces the energy consump tion of the NIC by 90% while introducing about 11% delay to the round trip time, when compared to no power man agement.

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