Medium Access and Fair Bandwidth Sharing in WLAN

R.K. Guha and S. Rakshit (USA)


WLAN, Fair Bandwidth Sharing, Game Theory, Equilibrium, Throughput Optimization.


The contention-based nature of the medium access in WLAN has been modelled as a non-cooperative game: access game. p-CSMA has been used as the medium access control (MAC) policy. The equilibria of the access game have been computed and analyzed for fairness. It was found that the Nash Equilibrium (NE) of the access game does not result in fairness in general. Therefore, Constrained Nash Equilibrium (CNE) was computed for the access game with fair bandwidth sharing as the constraints. Consequently, the CNE results in fairness. It is also shown that a unique CNE exists. Finally, throughput optimization was analyzed and it was shown that there was a unique set of transmission probabilities that result in both fairness and throughput optimization.

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