GIS-based Automatic Generation of 3-D Building Model from Building Polygons Filtered

K. Sugihara (Japan)


3-D urban model, Automatic generation, GIS, CG, City planning, 3-D building model


When a real urban world is projected into 3-D virtual space, buildings are major objects in this space. To realize 3-D CG urban model, it is important to generate building models efficiently. 3-D urban model is the important information infrastructure that can be utilized in several fields, such as landscape evaluation, urban planning. In this paper, we propose the GIS and CG integrated system to generate 3-D building models automatically from building polygons on the digital map. Some building polygons contain noise edges to be filtered out. We present the algorithm for filtering out noise edge and breaking down complicated polygon into primitive ones. The system automatically generates 3-D urban model so quickly that it meets the urgent demand to realize another alternative urban planning. In the last chapter, we show proposed 3-D urban models automatically generated for urban planning.

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