GIS based Complex 3D Geometric Modeling for High Performance Computing Chemical/Biological Dispersion Simulation

R. Baffour, S. Aliabadi, and A. Ji (USA)


: Complex 3D Terrain; GIS; Shapefile; CFD; HPC; 3D; Modeling and Simulation


Quick and accurate analysis in a terrorist attack or in the accidental release of bio/chemical aerosols and contaminants into urban environment is a critical part of any homeland security response team. The time constraint needed to create fully developed complex 3D city terrain models to support such dispersion simulation requires a task of converting multi agency data to the format necessary on the simulation platform. Different datasets require different conversion algorithms and transformation methods. The focus of this paper is to show case the conversion of multi agency GIS based data to to create citywide 3D models to support the high performance based chemical and biological dispersion simulation. Models presented here includes using remote sensing based building and cartographic morphology data, and GIS shape file building data in the form of building foot and top prints. Complete city models for parts of Chicago, Washington DC, and Oklahoma city are presented in this paper.

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