The 1870 Flood Event in Rome: History and Hydraulics

L. Ubertini, M. Ferrante, and F. Zoffoli (Italy)


Flood, Rome, extreme event.


The most important flood of the Tiber river in the last two centuries happened in 1870, around Christmas, when thecity of Rome was flooded. After the event, a Commission was established to "make armless for the city of Rome the Tiber River floods". Basing on an agreement between Italian national research institutions, the proceedings of this commission, published on 1872, has been digitized. The collected data have been used to simulate the 1870 flood propagation in the city of Rome. Two models have been used to simulate the flood propagation; a 1-D numerical model simulated the flood wave in the main channel while a channel network model has been used to simulate the urban areas flooding.

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