Mapping of Dam-Break Flood Risk Prone Areas

L. Natale, G. Petaccia, and F. Savi (Italy)


ORSA, mapping of flood prone areas, flood wave propagation


The definition of flood prone areas due to extreme events in natural rivers constitutes a problem of great interest. It is generally obtained by simulating flood wave propagation by means of 1D mathematical model and identifying the flood prone areas as the areas where the ground elevation is lower that the computed water depth. To map these areas a DEM is required. However in many cases the cross sections used to define the river channel, commonly obtained by means of land surveys, do not agree with the DEM and consequently significant discrepancies may occur in the mapping of the flood prone areas. The ORSA code (Artificial Barrage Breaking Waves), provided with an user friendly interface, has some ad hoc functionality to match DEM and cross sections and to map flood prone areas automatically. In this paper an application to real world problems is presented.

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