3D Mathematical Simulation of Dambreak Flow

A. DeMaio, F. Savi, and L. Sclafani (Italy)


Mathematical model, shallow water equations, Navier Stokes equations, dam-break wave


The propagation of a dam break-wave is studied experimentally by rapidly removing a gate, which dams a flume with still water upstream and downstream the gate at different stages. Immediately after the gate opening the flow is 3D and consequently the 1D, depth averaged shallow water equations, that are commonly adopted for the simulation of the flood wave propagation, constitutes a rough approximation of the phenomenon. In this paper a 3D mathematical model based on Navier-Stokes equations is applied to simulate the formation of the dam break wave immediately after the gate opening. The experiments are compared with the results of the simulations carried out by means of both 1D and 3D models.

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