Entropic Characterization of the Mean Flow Velocity in Natural Channels

T. Moramarco and C. Saltalippi (Italy)


Streamflow measurements, velocity distribution, entropy, error, flood.


The entropy parameter, M, of the linear relationship between the mean and maximum flow velocity is investigated in twelve gauged river sections in the Upper Tiber basin, in Central Italy. M is found to assume the same value for the sites located along the same rivers, if the velocity measurements are carried out by sampling many points at each vertical. At gauged sites where the velocities are sampled only in three points at each vertical, the M value changes from site to site. In this case, the analysis on the velocity profiles in three equipped sites using velocity data collected during 46 flood events, has shown as the type of sampling of the velocity points influences significantly the assessment of the maximum velocity and, hence, the accuracy of the same entropic linear relationship in estimating the mean flow velocity.

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