Numerical Simulation of a Wave Driven Rotating Vane using a Two-fluid Solver

L. Qian, C. Mingham, D.M. Causon, and D.M. Ingram (UK)


Free Surface Flow, Cartesian Cut Cell, Numerical Wave Tanks, Wave Power


A generic two-fluid numerical model has been applied to simulating complex fluid flows around a wave driven rotat ing vane near a shoreline in the context of a novel wave energy device. The underlying scheme is based on the solution of the incompressible Euler equations for a vari able density fluid system for automatically capturing the interface between water and air and the Cartesian cut cell method for tracking moving solid boundaries on a back ground stationary Cartesian grid. The results from the present study along with previous works on the prediction of wave overtopping at sea walls and water entry of 2-D bodies indicate that the method is an effective tool for mod elling a wide range of free surface flows including environ ment related flow problems.

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